Vivian Resh

A colonist with a history of mischeif and chaos


Vivian grew up on Jurin. Her family was not notable or wealthy, and as such on did not have much space of their own on such a high population planet. By the time she graduated she was ready to leave. So, naturally when Colonies First announced a recruitment campaign to begin a colony on a new world she signed up fast. She was accepted and run through basic training before setting of for their new planet, Bhasad.

Bhasad is an unpopulated, barren garden world in the Gulf of Reaver’s Deep. The reports claimed it had some resources on it, and Colonies First was going to try and plant a population there permanently. During her first four years, her main job was to scout around the landscape to find anything useful and report back. Her trips were mostly in vain, there really weren’t a lot of resources on the planet, it was mostly barren. However at the end of her third year she did make an interesting discovery. Someone else had landed on the planet.

A small pirate ship had spotted the new colony and was looking to make a raid, before she could report back she had a daring thought. This could be an interesting opportunity. Vivian had been a poor nobody her entire life, overlooked among the throngs of people of Jurin, and sent to the far corners of Bhasad. She wasn’t even convinced anyone was reading the reports she was sending back. This could be her chance to get a little payback, and some financial independence. She approached the pirate ship.

When the raid came a few days later, no alarms screamed, the defenses were inert, and nobody was prepared for anything of the sort. The pirates walked through the colony’s stores and systems taking whatever they pleased with minimum resistance, it was quite the haul for them. It was devastating for the colony and Colony First in general. One hundred thousand credits mysteriously appeared in an account owned by a ‘Susan Smith’ who had many similarities to Vivian.

The colony struggled on for a few more years, but the loss had been to hard and there was nothing worthwhile on Bhasad to make up for it. The colony was collapsing and she knew it was her fault. She put forth every effort she could muster to keep the colony alive. As a result she did get promoted, but other than that her efforts were in vain. The colonists grew angry and soon revolted, Colony First had no choice but to pack everyone up and send them home. The debacle destabilized Colony First as a whole and they had to answer to their shareholders. Everything about the affair was gone over with a fine tooth comb. A divide erupted between the management teams. Something strange had clearly happened on Bhasad, but there was no trace left with which to clearly define what or who had done anything. However, there were definite thoughts that Vivian had been involved, there was just no proof.

Vivian was brought into the affair along with many of the other team members. She pleaded her case the best she could but in the end everyone involved in the Bhasad project was place on probation. She was sent to help on Tarkhen, a miserable little unimportant world in the Verge. It had a few more resources than Bhasad, but not many. She was promoted as incentive to accept the position, and her banishment, which she did. Tarkhen was a rough world, but she made the best of it at this point. There wasn’t much else to do. She worked hard, learning everything she could, but there was an unfortunate drop in interstellar travel and Tarkhen fell behind on all of it’s obligations. Colony First finally had a legitimate excuse to terminate her employment.

Colony First gave her what they considered a generous severance package and cut her loose. She traveled to Turin, the subsector capital of the Verge in hopes of finding new employment. She did. There was someone waiting for her as she stepped off her ship into the spaceport, someone that wanted to start a new colony on a recently discovered world and was looking for someone with Vivian’s qualifications.

Vivian Resh

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