Vincent Rantul

The ex-non-com


Vincent has led a very harsh life, full of violence and disaster. He joined the army in his first seaon as a grown man, and immediately saw combat. He was reassigned from combat zone to combat zone until he was trapped behind enemy lines and designated MIA.

With the help of a shady character called Charlotte, he did make it back to civilization, but not before declaring a lifelong enemity toward the blasted rebels who left him with probably equally lifelong PTSD. The army had pulled out of his last conflict and were trying to distance themselves from it, so while they did deign to give him his back pay, they did not restore him to his previous job. Honestly, Vincent was just as glad for that.

He tried to go into a more civilian merchant field, but it didn’t work out and he found himself drafted again instead, this time into the scouts, who at least paid well and were marginally less likely to be blown up by mortar fire. It was here that he received his first ever promotion, and then only because of a word of recommendation by his CO. That was his only promotion. Neither were any of his efforts to gain a commission successful.

Vincent Rantul

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