Veronica Campbell

A diplomatic manager


Veronica is from the Imperial noble family ruling the planet called Karakaara. While not in the direct line of ascention for the knighthood herself, she was raised with the best education and opportunities available.

Upon graduating college, she entered the corporate field, working for the largest hydroponic company on the planet. She did well there, discovering an innate talent for diplomatically resolving personnel issues, helping the company expand and getting some technical experience. Unfortunately, that all ended when she suffered a severe injury during a safety inspection of the R&D department’s laboratories and greenhouses, where she got too close to a carnivorous plant and it made a valid attempt to eat her. (Obviously, the department failed its inspection.) The company did cover most of her medical bills, but they replaced her while she was in recovery.

With that management experience under her belt, however, her great uncle, Knight Arlo Campbell, was happy to give her a position helping to run his estate. During this time she became involved in local politics and ran afoul of Serena Devine, who in addition to being generally unpleasant and a thorn in Veronica’s efforts, also had the gall to challenge her to a duel. Veronica was too old for that kind of idiocy and declined.

She stayed under the employ of her great uncle until after-effects from her earlier injury cropped up as bad arthritis and general weakness, and otherwise caused some early aging effects. She decided to retire while she could still enjoy her free time and was intrigued by an invitation to colonize a newly discovered planet…

Veronica Campbell

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