Toni Capia

Toni is a well rounded scientist with a chaotic neutral alignment. She is the life partner of Jo.


Toni is a scientist, with a wide range of studies under her belt. Biology, cybernetics, electronics, physics… Despite some twenty-eight years in academia, she hasn’t really narrowed her focus any and has jumped from one discipline to another, making discoveries, earning awards, gaining knowledge and skills, and picking up a few rivals and enemies along the way. Her scientific community is rather prone to sabotage, infighting, and research theft.

In her early days, she was the victim of a smear campaign by a colleague named Howard Blight. The rumors were bad enough that an official agent of the Imperium came to investigate some of the charges. This was how she met Jo. Jo did clear her of any criminal behavior and Toni was very grateful for that. Though her research was gone and Howard had succeeded in gaining the promotion she felt should have been hers, she did gain a new friendship out of that mess. Later, it deepened and they discovered romantic feelings for one another. Some years later, after Jo quit being an agent, and joined the scouts instead, Toni asked for her love’s hand in marriage and they were wed.

It was some time after that when Toni found an opportunity to swipe some of Howard’s research, which should have let her even the scales there, but she was discovered and was given a reprimand instead of a promotion. Her rivalry with Howard soured farther into outright enmity. Jo scolded her, too, but her life partner was no longer an agent, and there were no legal repercussions. If there had been, she might have thought twice about trying the same thing on Franklin Oh’s research a few years later, which would have saved her from the embarrassment of getting caught again. She was no longer on speaking terms with Franklin now over that, either. But he was a jerk and he’d been hitting on Jo, so she was entirely okay with that.

She was out in orbit a little while after that incident, doing some research on circuitry in a vacuum, when she discovered a scout ship with an unconscious pilot aboard. She’d really been hoping for an opportunity to try out some experiments on downloading language data to an unconscious brain, and this looked like a golden opportunity! It seemed to work, too, and the concussion the guy was sporting meant he probably wouldn’t remember to report her to the ethics board either!

Some years after that, Toni retired from the research department, and planned to enjoy her golden years with Jo, who had also left her position in the scouts at that time. Then Jo got an invitation to join a colonization party to a recently discovered planet, and that sounded more interesting than anything they’d already had planned…

Toni Capia

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