Rix Sumoda

Discoverer of Vartera, susequent bum


Rix started out with humble beginnings, and things went downhill from there. He was raised on a low-tech industrialized world which meant there was plenty of work that built your strength. Also, not an excessive amount of schooling to make you think that things could be better.

Upon reaching his 18th birthday, Rix escaped his homeworld to seek his destiny out among the stars. He joined the Scout Core based entirely on his desire to be anywhere else in the galaxy, and was admitted mostly based on his enthusiasm.

He excelled at first, and after delivering and important message for the Imperium itself, he was promoted. His second promotion came a few short years later after discovering the planet of Vatera . However, that experience changed him somehow. He lost his focus, and those around him would comment of erratic behavior the he couldn’t explain.

He was finally forced out of the Scouts after crashing his ship into a distant world and had to make his way back with the help of some unsavory characters. During the last leg of the journey he met Kris DiMarko who got him home to find the Scouts had considered him lost. They paid out his benefits, but cut him loose.

Frustrated, he applied for a position with a news service to try and become a reporter. His application was denied, facing wandering the stars alone, he applied for the draft. The enlistment officer recognized his name and offered to put him back into the scouts as a courier instead of an explorer. He accepted and took off once again, only to meet with near immediate disaster.

On a routine mail run, something happened. An extreme episode that had become more commonplace. Toni Capia found his ship floating in the middle of nowhere, and he had no recollection of the past few days. The scouts could not continue to employ him, but suggested a few medical facilities he might want to check himself into.

He tries to become a broker, to no avail and found himself working as a miner off of Aurelio. He made a small name for himself taking the brunt of an accident and saving some of the other workers, but another accident a little later and he decided to make it on his own as a barbarian.

That is where he was when the people gathering colonists to colonize his world showed up and insisted that he join them. Apparently the natives had made his presence a requirement for a colony to exist. Having nothing better to do, he joined them.

Rix Sumoda

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