Kris DiMarko

Kris is a retired admistrator of a small fiefdom, where he was a benevolent overlord. Upon leaving his kingdom, he thought it might be fun to wander the universe like a very rich vagabond.


Age 46 from a Rich Water World
Assets: 493,500 credits, 10,000 pension, TAS membership, 2 ship shares, 2 Yachts

Str: 8 (0)
Dex: 10 (
End: 7 (0)
Int: 6 (
Edu: 8 (0)
Soc: 10 (

Admin 1
Advocate 1
Broker 2
Carouse 1
Comms 0
Deception 2
Diplomat 2
Gun Combat (energy pistol) 1
Investigate 0
Leadership 1
Melee (Blades) 4
Persuade 1
Pilot (starship) 1


“How’s your eye doing, Kris? Have you got a new one lately?”

Lose an eye twice and you just never live it down. He was much better with sword dueling now than he had been the last time he’d had to replace his eye, but the comments just kept coming. He had tried to become a pirate briefly upon retirement, because eyepatches were pretty stereotypical among that sort (not that he had one anymore), but he hadn’t been able to find any such miscreants willing to take on a middle aged rich guy as part of their crew, so he’d just played wanderer instead, heading out into the wide universe to see the sights, and maybe call in some favors from all the stranded scouts he’d helped get back home over the twenty-four years he’d run the fiefdom of Sixth Starport Island in New Pompeii on the water world of Great Water (as the planet is known locally; star charts, however, label it Aurelio.)

Kris DiMarko

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