Jo Capia

Jo is a retired scout and life partner of Toni


Jo grew up on an asteroid monitoring station. She graduated somewhere in the middle of her class and went to seek a career in law enforcement on a nearby planet. She was very excited when she was accepted, but that quickly changed as she was buried in rookie duties of dealing with much of the legal end of the system. It was a difficult few years.

The following ones got worse, with one bright, shining exception. Once she finally got into the investigative side of the job, she quickly realized it was not as glamorous as the vids made it out to be. Her investigations went bad, she was seriously injured and left looking for new employment. Fortunately, her investigation had introduced her to Toni, and the time Toni spent nursing her back to health deepened their relationship.

Once she was back on her feet, Jo applied for a position with the Scout Core and was accepted. Toni seemed excited by the possibilities of Jo bringing home all sorts of interesting data. Her foray into the wild didn’t go quite as smoothly as she anticipated. She received a nearby distress call and raced to respond! A ship was in the process of slowly destroying itself through some strange scientific phenomena. Jo tried to repair the damage to no avail. The ship was a loss and the owner, a scientist by the name of Howard Blight claimed she had ruined everything. Howard’s partner, Franklin O, however took a fancy to Jo and that made for a long trip back to civilization.

Regardless, she managed to work her way up through the ranks a little before her scout ship malfunctioned and left her hitchhiking back across the stars. She suspected foul play by Mr. Blight, but couldn’t dig up any evidence. In her travels back, she met up with Kris DiMarko, a noble who had decided to help poor lost travellers find their way home again. This was a very good thing since previous to this her ride had been a pair of twins, Petra and Vera Hulst, who had just recently escaped from their forced servitude to a gang of pirates. The three remaining pirates do not much care for Jo or her new friends.

After all this excitement, Jo decided it was time to retire. Especially since Toni had also decided to retire from her research position. Living a calm, normal retirement life sounded good, until the invitation arrived for the colonization of a new planet.

Jo Capia

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