Alice Anotasy

Exceptional Diplomat


Alice was the second child of one of the principal leaders of the high-tech desert world of Argi. While growing up, her elder brother and her were both taught to take their places in the Imperial Count’s court. She was a little more reluctant than her brother, surely there was more this the galaxy than their barren world. She wanted to see what else was out there. Upon graduating, a position had opened up in Agri’s diplomatic services and she jumped at the chance to work with the off-world population of the Empire.

She learned a lot as an intern, and she delved into her tasks like a person possessed. This attention to her new job strained the relationship she had developed with Marc, another noble-born. In the end, Marc broke off the relationship with her by revealing that he had already began seeing another girl, Renee. Alice did not take it very well, she buried herself in her work to escape and as a result was promoted to 3rd Secretary.

The promotion came with a new assignment, she was to accompany Reese Ymos, one of the senior diplomats in the service to Kadar, the Lagan Subsector capital. It was near the end of their time on Kadar that she received news that her parents had passed away, under what she considered to by slightly mysterious circumstances. Included with the message was her portion of the inheritance, which was not as much as she thought it should have been. Either her parents had been putting on an excellent show, or something was going on. Diplomat Ymos recommended her for a promotion and she was moved up to 2nd Secretary on her trip back home.

Upon arrival back on Agri, she requested an assignment on planet while she ‘helped tend to cleaning-up her parents’ affairs’. Her request was granted, and she began to become much more intimate with her own world’s political structure. She had begun to move about in those political circles, trying to find out exactly what had happened to her parents and why. As she did so, she began to put together pieces of the puzzle and the resulting picture was not pretty. Her own brother and Marc had been behind it, she found out enough to have them both locked away. That action did not go over well with Renee who was now Marc’s wife. She swore vengeance upon Alice.

With all that settled, and Renee angry, now seemed like a good time to travel off-world again. This time she was assigned to the Miitan subsector capitol of Shume. It was there she met Nance Esterben, a smart young woman representing the workers of Shume’s colony on Enclave. Nance had run afoul of Trent Lockmoore, a legalistic, by-the-book member of the oligarchy. Alice went to work and manipulated and charmed her way through their oligarchy of a government to see that Nance’s workers got the treatment they deserved. Nance swore undying freindship to the diplomat while Trent schemed to make Alice’s life as difficult as he could. Despite being promoted to 1st Secretary for her efforts, she had to leave Shume due to Trent’s efforts.

She was reassigned to Ambassador Mina Rodgers on Arlumer, the subsector capitol of Arlumer. Mina had been watching a few of the up and coming members of the diplomatic service, and after the way Alice had handled the situation on Shume, Mina had taken a definite interest in the Alice. She made a few inquires and when Alice needed to be reassigned, Mina demanded her. Along with being an ambassador on Arlumer, she was also a powerful noble. With the right training, Alice quickly was promoted to the rank of Minister.

Once she had been promoted, Mina slowly brought Alice into a circle of conspirators. They were mostly fellow diplomats of the highest ranks. Their goal was to prevent stagnation in the empire by sowing a bit of chaos and discord. Nothing that would jeopardize the stability of the empire, but small things that keep the populace from becoming complacent which leads to the downfall of civilization. Alice agreed to be a part of it, and she did her part well. She used Vincent Rantul as a go-between for some of the local contacts, delivering messages and such.

It was soon after that she was brought into the Vataren Colonization project. It was the first she had heard of it, but Mina had big plans for the world. She thought it would be an excellent opportunity especially if the new race of sophants rumored to be there was true, the colonists would need a top-notch diplomat and Alice was the chosen one. She was given the official title of Duchess of Vatera and put in charge of the project. Now she had to succeed. She needed only to find one hundred people willing to move to the planet, one of which had to be the man that discovered the world, a man named Rix Sumoda.

Alice Anotasy

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