Welcome to the Far-Flung Future!

Humanity has long since spread its wings and spread out across the galaxy with the invention of the Jump Drive. Thousands of habitable planets were found and on them, long lost relatives were found as well. Humaniti had been spread throughout the galaxy hundreds of thousands of years prior by The Ancients. Not much is known about The Ancients, save for what we have learned from the rare artifacts and relics that they have left behind.

Two galactic empires had risen and fallen before the chaos of 'The Long Night', a period nearly 2000 years itself of interstellar decline and anarchy. Now the Third Imperium has established itself for a little more than 1000 years, reuniting worlds and establishing a unified government for Humaniti once again. The Jump Drive has given us interstellar travel, but there is no faster than light communications. That means the overarching government only moves as fast as its ships. As such, most systems are left to their own governing bodies and local military support, except in the cases of extreme emergencies.

While much has been recovered since the 'Long Night', there are still many more discoveries to be made out in the infinite sea of stars. This is where you and Operation: Colonize Vatara come in to play. You have been personally invited by the newly appointed Duchess of Vatara, Alice Anotasy, to take part in the colonization and exploration of the planet.

Vatera is a world recently discovered in the Dark Abyss Subsector of the Verge Sector. It was discovered by Scout Rix Sumoda after a jump drive malfunction. Since then, survey teams have been examining the planet. The reports have come in and they show Vatera is rich in many natural resources, and filled with various flora and fauna. It may also be the opening to a new jump bridge across the Great Rift. All of this makes the world an incredible claim for the Imperium. Do you have what it takes to conquer such a world? Can you work with your fellow colonists to make the most of this opportunity? The Duchess awaits your response.

New Beginnings

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